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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Reference: Sheets on Dashboard Settings

Describes appearance and data settings for sheets on dashboards.

Use sheets on dashboards to enter data without navigating away from your dashboard. Save your sheet to dynamically see changes on dependent charts and dashboards.

Appearance Settings

Appearance Settings Tab Select the Appearance Settings tab on the right to change the appearance for the selected chart. 



Indicates the chart title.

Character Limit: 50

Data Settings

Data Settings Click the Data Settings tab in the right panel to configure settings for the sheet.


Indicates the sheet from Adaptive Planning to display.


Indicates if only assumptions appear in the sheets list.

  • On: Only show assumptions.
  • Off: Only show level-assigned sheets.


Display Options

Change the display of rows and columns for an individual sheet. 

Sheets Toolbar

The sheet toolbar is a compact version of the toolbar you would normally see for a sheet. The buttons available in it vary based on the sheet type. See Working with Sheets for more on using and understanding each of the sheet types. 

Button Description All Sheets Modeled Sheet/Standard Sheet Cube Sheet
sheetchartsearch.png Search: Enable the search form.                              ✔
Sheet Chart Search Next Search Next: Move to the next search result.                            ✔
Sheet Chart Search Previous Search Previous: Move to the previous search result.                            ✔
Sheet Chart Clear Search Clear Search or Filter: Clear the search term    
sheetchartaddrow.png Display Options: Change the display options for the sheet.    
sheetchartaddrow.png Filter: Enable the filter form.                            ✔  
sheetchartaddrow.png Add Row: Add a row.    
sheetchartdeleterow.png Delete Row: Delete a row.    
sheetchartsave.png Save: Save the sheet. This button only gets enabled if you made a sheet change.    
sheetchartrefresh.png Refresh Sheet: Refresh the modeled sheet.   Modeled Sheets only  

More: Contains other context menu choices based on the sheet type.

  • Row Details
  • Display Options
  • Copy Formula/Copy Value
  • Add Sheet Notes
  • Clear Cell
  • Explore Cell


  • Change Cube Dimensions
  • Swap Cube Axis