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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Perspective Options

Describes the options available for managing perspectives on dashboards such as share, rename, and delete.

This table describes the options available when managing a perspective. You can access from the perspective overview by clicking the More icon More Icon associated with a perspective

Perspective Options Perspective Owner View User of Shared Perspective Edit User of Shared Perspective

Share: Share a perspective with others and give them permission to view or edit.

 Perspective Owner Icon.png indicates that you are the owner of the perspective.


Unshare: Stop sharing the perspective with all users.  

If you want to unshare the perspective with specific people, choose Share and remove View and Edit access.

For owners, the perspective moves from Shared to Personal only if you unshare the perspective with all users.

n/a n/a
Rename: Change the name of the perspective. n/a
Delete: Delete the perspective and all dashboards and charts within the perspective. n/a
Copy: Create a copy of the perspective and all dashboards and charts within the perspective. You become the owner of the copy.

Copies are not tied to the original perspective. Any updates to the original perspective, dashboards, or charts are not updated in the copy.

Checkout: Check out a shared perspective and edit the perspective and its dashboards and charts. Only one user can check out a perspective, which prevents others from overriding pending changes.

When a perspective is checked out, users who have access to the perspective can continue viewing and interacting with the dashboard and charts.

Locked Shared Perspective Icon Displays next to the perspective when a shared perspective is checked out for editing. You cannot edit this perspective until the user publishes or discards the changes. Hover over this icon to see who has it checked out.

Edit Mode Shared Perspective Icon Displays next to the perspective you have checked out for editing.

Undo Checkout: Undo a checked out perspective. n/a n/a
Publish: Publish changes. Users who have access to the shared perspective can view these changes. The perspective becomes available for others to check out and edit. n/a
Discard: Delete a checked out perspective and all dashboards and charts associated with the perspective. n/a
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