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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Manage Dashboard Preferences

Explains how to set your global preferences for dashboards and explains how to change colors for your custom theme.

You can manage Dashboards preferences:

  • Select colors for a custom theme
  • Support Access
  • Import Perspective


Required permission: Admin Access


Navigation icon Administration > Dashboard Preferences

Select Colors for a Custom Theme

You can change the default colors that display on your data visualizations – to ones that work for you. For example, you can create a color theme that meets your corporate visual guidelines.

Any chart element set with a custom color will automatically change to the color specified in the custom theme.You must refresh your dashboard to see the color changes.

You can choose colors from the color picker or enter a Hex value. You can choose up to ten colors. The order of the colors in the custom theme determine the order they are applied to charts, such as data series and conditional formatting rules.

Click Reset to reset to the colors back to the platform defaults.

Set Preferences

You can set the following preferences:

Support Access: Switch on to allow Adaptive Planning support to create a user account and access your instance.

Import Perspective: Switch on to show the Import Perspectives tool on the Perspective Overview page. Use this tool to help you import perspectives from Discovery Classic to the new user interface. When you are done importing, switch off to:

  • Hide this tool from the Overview page
  • Hide Import Messages on imported charts
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