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Add Text on Dashboards

Introduces you to text on dashboards, informational text that assists with storytelling or that provides guided assistance on how to interact with your charts. Also explains how to add and format text.

Build and style dashboards with text on dashboards to improve how users interact with charts. Use text on dashboards to create sections on a dashboards that can help group charts on a dashboard, provide a summary analysis, or provide instructions to users.

You can add, edit, or delete the text on dashboards when in edit mode.

Text box and font size is responsive and will scale based on the browser window. The text in view mode will not change with perspective context or time changes.


You need:

  • Required Permission: Access Dashboards.
  • Edit access to a private or shared perspective


Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Dashboards to display the perspective overview.

Basic Steps 

  1. View the dashboard that you want to add text to. Select Edit Edit icon.
  2. From the left panel, drag and drop textChart.png to add the text box to the dashboard. Resize the text box frame as needed.
  3. Enter content. Use the inline toolbar to format the text as needed:
    • The font size of the predefined text styles are responsive and will adjust with the browser window size. Predefine text style colors:
      • Title1: Dark gray Dark Gray 
      • Title2: Blue Blue 
      • Body1: Dark gray Dark Gray
      • Body2: Medium gray Medium Gray
    • Format text style and with bullets and numbered lists.
    • Link highlighted text to a valid URL. Mailto links are not supported.
    • Images are not supported.
    • A vertical scroll bar displays when the text wraps beyond the size of the text box.


The appearance setting is the only setting that you can update. 

Appearance Setting

Show in Presentation Mode

Indicates if users can see for most chart types when viewing the dashboard in presentation mode:

  • Off (default): Will not display in presentation mode.
  • On: Will display as a separate slides in presentation mode—similar to each chart displaying as separate slides.


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