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Narrow the Data Focus on Charts

Describes methods for narrowing the data focus on dashboard charts. Options include filtering, sort and limit data, or data breakdown.

Looking for ways to narrow the focus of your visualizations? Use this table to help you determine which method works best for your requirements.

Method View and Edit View only

Chart filters

Use chart filters to set a filter on a data series on  a chart.  Chart filters take precedence over a perspective context  if the chart and perspective context use the same dimension for filtering.

No action is required. Users viewing charts cannot change chart filters.

Perspective Context

Set a perspective context to set a  default filter across all dashboards and charts in a perspective.

Change the perspective context for ad hoc analysis. Selections will revert back to defaults when you navigate away from the chart.



Drilldowns are set by the system based on the dimensions and attributes available from your instance. You can limit dimensions and attributes available for drilldown.

If a dimension is  available as a perspective context, most dimensions will not be available for drilldown. Only Level, a system-defined perspective context is available for drilldown. 

Drill down into data points for ad hoc analysis.  Selections do not persist and will revert back to defaults when you  navigate away from the chart.

Breakdown Use  breakdown  to a slice a data series in categories or segments to improve visualization and analysis. A breakdown does not filter data.  No action is required. Users viewing charts cannot change the breakdown.
Sort and Limit Use sort and limit to organize and list data in a data series in ascending or descending order. You can limit a large set of data to show  the top N or bottom N.

No action is required. Users viewing charts cannot change sorting or limiting.


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