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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Create New Versions in Sales Planning

Explains how to create scenarios in sales planning dashboards by using the version selector.

Available only with sales planning.

You can create versions in Adaptive Insights for Sales by duplicating existing versions from the version drop-down:

New Version Button

If you don't see the New Version button in the version selector, you most likely are not logged into the instance that has sales planning enabled. Check that you are using the correct login URL and credentials.

You can also create, clone, and edit versions by selecting Modeling from the nav menu. Then select Versions from the Versions and Time menu. See Versions for links to more articles about Adaptive Insights versions.

Copy Sales Planning Versions

  1. Expand the version drop-down and click New Version. 
  2. Enter a name for the new version that is unique across Adaptive Insights.
  3. Enter a description to make it easy for others to understand the version's purpose.
  4. Select a baseline version to duplicate.

Content that copies into the new version:

  • All data
  • shared formulas and rules
  • Splits in general ledger and custom accounts
  • Modeled rows
  • Dimensions and values
  • Cell, sheet, and workflow notes
  • Workflow statuses

Content that doesn't copy:

  • Audit trail history
  1. Select OK. The version you just created becomes the one you are using. You can verify this by looking at the version drop-down.
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