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Send Recurring and One-time Snapshots

You can:

  • Create, view, update, or delete snapshot schedules for automatic, recurring delivery to specified users.
  • Create snapshots for immediate, one-time delivery to specified users.

Recipients are sent a link to the snapshot. All snapshots are saved as PDFs with the file name of the perspective. When preparing to schedule or create a snapshot, you can set up the orientation and page size. The contents of the snapshot will scale to fit the PDF format.

Setting up Snapshots for Different Audiences

You can set up filters using perspective contexts and deliver different data stories to different audiences—all from one perspective. You can create your own perspective contexts in addition to the system ones provided. See Create and Edit Perspectives for more on how to create a context filter.

Example: You can send Company Summary snapshots individually to the CEO, CFO, and VPs of divisional sales by setting up filters on the perspective that targets their business interests. 

Audience Version Context: Time Context: Level Context: Currency  Context: Product (Custom)
Chief Executive Officer Actuals current month-year  Total Company (all levels) USD All 
Controller Working Budget current month-year Total Company (all levels) USD All
VP of Canada Sales Forecast month-next year Sales - Canada CAD Electronics 

A saved snapshot schedule remembers the filters and will send snapshot based on those filters. The sent snapshot records the filters on the title page to give the recipients context on the content. Here's an example of the perspective contexts captured on a sent snapshot:

Context displayed on a Sent Snapshot



Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Dashboards to display the perspective overview.

Access Snapshots from the Perspective Overview

You can view a list of sent snapshots or snapshot schedules. Look for these icons in the sidebar:

snapshotHistory-sidebar.PNGView a list of sent one-time and recurring snapshots.

snapshotSchedule-sidebar.PNGView a list of snapshot schedules.

From grid or list view, hover your mouse over the perspective tile. Select the More icon moreIcon.png and select:

  • New Snapshot: Create and send a one-time snapshot.
  • Snapshot Schedules: Select to create a snapshot schedule.
  • Select the name of the snapshot schedule to update a schedule.

Access Snapshots from an Open Perspective

In grid or list view, select the Snapshot icon Snapshot icon from the toolbar and from the menu select New Snapshot or Snapshot Schedules.

Create or Update a Snapshot Schedule

You can create a snapshot schedule or update an existing one. You set up the schedule for recurring delivery with:

  • Frequency: How often to send
  • Time: When time in the day to send
  • Time Zone: What time zone is the snapshot taken

Scheduled snapshots have no end date. You can delete a schedule from the list of snapshot schedule.

Create a Schedule

  1. Open a perspective and click the Snapshot button. Select Snapshot Schedules > Create Snapshot Schedule
  2. Name the schedule. 50 character limit.
  3. Add people who will receive a link to the snapshot.
  4. Optional. Add a plain text message.
  5. Turn off Send a Copy to Me if you do not want to get a copy of the snapshot.
  6. Set up the schedule:
    • Frequency: Daily (default), Weekly, Monthly. The time settings on the charts can help guide the frequency to send recurring snapshots. Example: Charts that visualize data by the month, such as monthly sales results are good candidates for monthly snapshot schedules. 
    • Time: Hourly in 5 minute increments. 12:00 PM (default) 
    • Time Zone: GMT Coordinated Universal Time (default).
  7. Select the PDF format:
    • Orientation: Landscape (default) or Portrait
    • Page Size: Letter (default), Legal, A4, A3
  8. Select Done in toolbar.

At the scheduled time, an the link sent.

Update a Schedule

  1. From the Perspective overview, click the Time Settings button from the sidebar and select the name of snapshot schedule to update the schedule. The perspective displays with Edit Snapshot Schedule open in the right panel.
  2. Update the schedule as needed.
  3. Select Done in toolbar.

Delete a Schedule

If you created the snapshot, deleting it from Dashboards will delete all copies for everyone who received the snapshot. If you received the snapshot, deleting it from Dashboards will delete only your copy of the snapshot.

From the Perspective Overview, click the Time Settings button from the sidebar. Find the schedule name and select the More button moreIcon.png in the row and select Delete .

Create a One-time Snapshot

You can create a one-time snapshot and send it to specified users.

  1. Open a perspective and click the Snapshot button and select New Snapshot. The Create Snapshot displays in the right panel.
  2. Add people who will receive a link to the snapshot.
  3. Optional: Add a plain text message. 
  4. Send a copy to yourself (default). Switch this option off if you do not want to get a copy.

If you add yourself to receive a copy of the sent snapshot and set Send a Copy to Me to off. You will receive a link to the snapshot.

  1. Choose a PDF format:
    • Orientation: Landscape (default) or Portrait.
    • Page Size: Letter (default), Legal, A4, A3
  2. Click Done in the toolbar. The link is sent to specified users.
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