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Create and Edit Dashboards

Explains how to create and rename, duplicate, reorder, and delete a dashboard tab when in edit mode.

A dashboard is a container for grouping a series of charts or other data analysis often by a theme or subject.

For example, an Executive Summary perspective can have dashboards for Financials, Operations, and Workforce. Each dashboard includes charts that provide insight into that area of the business.

Example of Financials, Operations, and Workforce Dashboards on an Executive Summary

When in edit mode, you can create, rename, reorder, or delete a dashboard. You can also download an image of the dashboard and all of its charts in view mode or edit mode. See Browse and View Charts for more on how to download an image of a dashboard or chart.


  • Required Permission: Access Dashboards.
  • Edit access to a private or shared perspective


Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Dashboards to display the perspective overview.

View the perspective for the dashboard you want to create or edit and click Edit. See Share a Perspective for more on how to check out a shared perspective to edit its contents. 

Create a Dashboard

You must be in edit mode to rename a dashboard or to add dashboards to a perspective.

When you create a new perspective, a default dashboard, called Dashboard, is created automatically.

  1. Click the plus button next to the dashboard tabs.

    Arrow Pointing to Plus Sign to Add a Dashboard

  2. In the dialog, type the name of the new dashboard.

  3. Add charts to the dashboard.

Edit and Rename a Dashboard

  1. Select the dashboard tab to put the edit focus on the dashboard.

  2. In the right panel, rename the dashboard.

Reorder a Dashboard

Drag and drop the dashboard tab to change the order of tabs.

Duplicate a Dashboard

You can create a copy of a dashboard and all its charts from within a perspective. Copied dashboards and charts are not linked to the original dashboard. You can edit the copied dashboard and charts independently. 

When you duplicate a dashboard, the copy is added to the right of the originating dashboard and appends - Copy  to the dashboard name and increments by 1 for each additional copy. For example, the first duplicate is Quarterly Summary - Copy and the second duplicate is Quarterly Summary - Copy (1).

  1. Select the dashboard tab to put the edit focus on the dashboard.

  2. Click the More button More Icon, then Duplicate to copy the dashboard. The focus switches to the copied dashboard.

Delete a Dashboard

When you delete a dashboard, all charts in the dashboard are deleted permanently.

  1. Select the dashboard tab to put the edit focus on the dashboard.

  2. Select the More icon More icon and select Delete.

If you delete all dashboards in a perspective, you can add more by clicking Add Dashboards from the perspective.

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