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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Dashboard Basics

Introduces you to dashboards, including a quick tour. Explains basics like how to organize, share, and send snapshots of your perspectives and how to d how to perform an analysis and interact with charts.    

  • Concept: Dashboard Quick Tour
    Walks you through the dashboard user interface, including how to view perspectives, dashboards, and charts.
  • Reference: Chart Types
    Describes chart types that are available from the dashboard.
  • Create and Edit Perspectives
    Explains how to create a perspective in a dashboard. Includes how to rename a perspective and create context filters.
  • Share Perspectives
    Explains how to use dashboards to share a perspective, its dashboards and charts with others. Includes how to make changes and publish shared content.
  • Create and Edit Dashboards
    Explains how to create and rename, duplicate, reorder, and delete a dashboard tab when in edit mode.
  • Concept: Browse and View Charts
    Explains how to browse perspectives in dashboards. Also explains how to browse dashboard tabs and view charts, including how to view content as a presentation.
  • Concept: Analyze Data and Interact with Charts
    Explains how to interact with data when viewing dashboard charts. Includes how to filter by context filters, explore data point details,  drill into data points, and change time ranges.
  • Concept: Perspective Snapshots
    Introduces you to perspective snapshots, a way to send a PDF of dashboards and charts for a point in time. Explains how to view a sent snapshot and how to view it from a list of sent snapshots.
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