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Moving to the New User Interface

Why Move to New User Interface?

New Features 

The Dashboards user interface provides a self-service, drag-and-drop experience for creating perspectives and charts. As of the 2018.3, supported chart types in the new user interface include:

  • Column
  • Line
  • Area
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Doughnut
  • Waterfall
  • Gauge
  • KPI
  • Scorecard
  • Pyramid
  • Funnel
  • Crosstab

Plus these key features:

  • Perspective and Chart time settings
  • Enhanced view, edit and presentation modes
  • Variance calculations in Gauge, KPI and Scorecard charts
  • Calculations and conditional formatting
  • Snapshots of perspectives
  • Custom theme

Import Perspectives from Discovery Classic to the Dashboards User Interface

Who can Import

Users can import perspectives that they created or perspectives to which they were given edit access.

Admin users can import all perspectives available within the instance except for personal perspectives that were created by individual users in their own personal folders. Individual users can import perspectives that they created or perspectives to which they were given edit access..

The import process retains the original content in the classic user interface. Each time an import process is run, the import process creates a copy of the perspective that is imported to the new UI. Users can run the import process as many times as needed.

If you have both Dashboards and Discovery Classic enabled, and click Discovery Classic from the navigation menu,  a pop-up message displays. This message encourages you to import your perspectives to the new user interface. You have the option to turn off this message if you prefer.

How to Import

If you have enabled the Dashboards on your instance, you can start to import perspectives from the Discovery Classic now.

Perspective Toolbar with Import Perspective

Import a Perspective
  1. From the new user interface, navigate to the perspective overview page and click Import Perspectives.
  2. Choose a perspective to import from the list of perspectives that you created or have access to edit from the classic user interface.

You can import one perspective at a time. The import process displays a dialog with details of the import process. Click OK to close this dialog.

The import process iterates through the individual dashboards and charts within the perspective and moves them to the new user interface. Messages are displayed in the dialog providing details of the conversion. The import process will report when a specific chart type or setting is not supported in the new user interface and could not be imported.

  1. Navigate to the imported perspective and check the imported charts before sharing them. Hover over the chart and click Exclamation Icon to view import messages.

Chart with Import Messages icon

Imported perspectives, dashboards, and charts are not automatically shared. The original classic versions are not altered during the import process – including sharing permissions. For sharing, viewing, and presenting, you choose when to switch from the classic to the Dashboards experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Dashboards user interface?

Click the navigation icon. Click Dashboards  from menu to navigate to the Perspectives Overview page.

I do not see the menu link for Dashboards. How can I have this provisioned?

If you are a Discovery Professional customer, contact your customer success manager at Adaptive Insights to have the dashboard user interface enabled.

If you are a Discovery Enterprise CPM customer, first review the high level feature list provided at the top of this document. Determine if the features you require in your perspectives are provided through the new user interface. If the new user interface has the feature that you require, contact your customer success manager at Adaptive Insights to have the new user interface enabled.

I do not see the Import Perspectives link. What am I missing?

If you are the admin of your instance, verify that Import Perspectives tool is enabled under Administration > Dashboard Preferences > Import Perspective.

Administration Page to Turn the Import Perspective On or Off

If you are not an admin and if you have created content on the classic user interface in personal folders or in shared folders, contact your admin. Your admin can enable the Import Perspective tool for you.

If you are not an admin and if you did not create any content in classic user interface, you do not need to see the Import Perspectives link on the Dashboards Perspective overview page.

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