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Toolbar Buttons in Reporting

This reference describes the icons available from the Matrix, Model, and Transaction Report Builders.



Report Type


Save: Save the report. Click the menu (arrow icon) and choose to:

  • Save (default). If report was previously saved, immedi­ately saves the report. Otherwise, opens the Save As dialog for you to set the save as options.

  • Save as: Rename the report and change output, shar­ing options, and location.

  • Save and run. Saves changes and runs the run based on the default output settings. If this is a first time save, a Save a dialog appears before running the report.

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Run: Runs the report. Click the menu (arrow icon) and choose the format for running the report.

  • Run as HTML: Runs the report and displays generated report in the same window.

  • Run as HTML in a new window: Runs the report and displays the generated report in a new window

  • Run as Excel: Runs the report and opens a dialog to save the report as an ExcelTM file.

  • Run as PDF: Runs the report and downloads the report to your desktop as a PDF file.

Matrix, Model,


Show Sheets: Hide or display the Spreadsheet Tab axis at the bottom of the page for repeating reports.



Filters: Narrow a report to a particular subset of data.

Model, Transaction


Manage report properties, including display properties such as adding vertical lines, numbering the rows, showing a total row count and/or suppressing empty columns.

Display tab:

  • Title: Create or change report title. The report title appears at the top of the generated report. The title does not change the report name.

  • Line notes: show in column, as footnote, inline, hide (Matrix Reports)

  • Show total rows at bottom

  • Show dimension column headers

  • Repeat row labels in Excel

  • Show report information (Excel tab names in the top row of repeating reports)

  • Show account codes

  • Show vertical lines

  • Show logo: Shows logos in Excel exports for Matrix Reports.

  • Suppress empty columns

  • Suppress rows if all zeros or blanks

  • Show splits in accounts

  • Suppress rollups: Conceals rollups of expanded ele­ments. If checked, it also hides expand/collapse con­trols in HTML reports.

  • Freeze row and column headers (HTML only)

  • Show row numbers

  • Allow drill down (Matrix Reports)

  • Allow rows to be expanded (Matrix Reports)

  • show cell notes (Matrix Reports)

Style tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Column width in pixels.

  • Headers font styling, an data font styling.

Conditional Formatting tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Apply changes to formatting based on values in the report.

Numbers tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Specify how zeros display.

  • Select precision.

  • Select a thousands separator.

  • Select a magnitude.

  • Preview the numeric format.

  • Select the negative number format.

Print Parameters tab:

  • Set up print parameters for Excel and PDF report out­put, including page size and orientation, scaling, color printing, margins, and number of copies.

Charts (Matrix Reports):

  • Select a chart type

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Edit Properties: Edit the properties of the selected element in the report design area:

  • Rename tab: Rename the column title.

  • Display tab: Define the presentation of the element, such as column width, header.

  • style, and body style.

  • Display Date Format: Define the presentation of a date element. This tab is available only for date elements.

  • (Transaction Reports only) Currency tab: Select a cur­rency type. Available on total rows for numeric values with a currency.

Matrix, Model, Transaction



Move left, Move right: Move the selected element right or left to change order a column appears in the report.

(Matrix and Model Reports only) Move up, Move down: Move the selected element up or down from any row but the first. You can only move the element within the associated tier.

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Delete: Remove the selected element from the report.

Matrix, Model, Transaction

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