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Email a Report

You can share a report by sending an email link to a report from the report viewer. A report email contains a link to the target report, and does not contain the report contents. When recipients click the link in the email, they are prompted to log into the system to view the report.

You can email shared reports  including any matrix, model, pattern, snapshot, transaction reports and report books.

Permission Required: Email Reports

Email a Report

When you click the Email Report icon in the tool bar of the report viewer or select Email Report from the right-click context menu in the Reports menu, the Email Report dialog appears. To send the selected report via email:

  1. Either click the To: button or click in the To: field to bring up the Select Recipients dialog. This is a required field and you must select at least one recipient.
  2. In the Select Recipients dialog, select the email recipients from any combination of the three categories described below: To select Groups, Users, and/or Levels, just click the recipient and then select the Move Right button. You can remove recipients by clicking the recipients you want to remove from the Selected Recipients list and then clicking the Move Left button. Note: You can select and add multiple recipients at once. To select multiple non-adjacent recipients from the list, press and hold the CTRL key and click the recipients. If you want to select a range, select the first recipient in the range, press and hold the Shift key and select the last recipient in the range.
    • Available Groups: Global and Personal Email Groups appear in this tab and can be added to the recipient list. Global User Groups are created by Administrators with the Manage Global User Groups permission and can be used by all users with Email Report access. Budget Managers can also create their own Personal Email Groups in the My Profile screen. For more information about creating and managing email groups see Managing Global User Groups and Managing Personal Email Groups.
    • Available Users: All users in the current instance appear in the Available users tab.
    • Available Levels: All levels to which you have access appear in this tab, as well as any parents and ancestors of those levels.
  3. The CC: field is optional and can be populated in the same way as the To: field.
  4. The Subject: field is pre-populated with "Adaptive Insights Report: Name of Report being Emailed". This field is editable and you can change this as needed.
  5. The body of the email is pre-populated with a default message that you can change as needed.
  6. If you want to receive a copy of the email you are sending, select the Send a copy to myself: check box.
  7. Click Send.
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