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Add or Delete Matrix Report Notes

You can associate report notes with specific lines in a matrix report or in a matrix report as a whole. These notes are associated with the level or levels on which they are input and then "roll up" to consolidated views.

Add a Note to the Entire Report

Report notes can be added to a matrix report in the Report Viewer. When you run a matrix report, a Notes selector is available in the top left side of the viewer. If the report contains parameters, this selector appears to the right of the parameter selectors. If the report does not contain parameters, this selector appears on the left side of the report.

To add a note to a matrix report:

  1. Navigate to Reports and choose a matrix report to view. 
  2. From the Report Viewer, Click the Notes drop-down and choose Add Report Note. The Add Report Note dialog appears.

This option is active only if the report has been saved.

  1. Input the note and click Ok to save. Notes appear at the bottom of the report in the Report Notes section.

Add a Line Note

Line notes with links can be added to rows in a matrix report in the Report Viewer. Line notes belong to levels and roll up according to the organization structure. Line notes behave differently depending on the placement of the levels on the report:

  • If a level is in the filter, the note is associated with the current levels selected in the filter.
  • If a level is on the X axis, the note is associated with all visible level columns.
  • If a level is on the Y axis, notes are associated with the all visible rows.

Line notes are only visible on a report when at least one of the levels to which they are attached are visible on the report.

To add a note to a specific row:

  1. Navigate to Reports and choose the matrix report to view.
  2. If necessary save the report. You can only add notes when the report is in a saved state.
  3. Right-click the linked text on a row to which you want to add a note.
  4. Select Add Line Note.The Add Note for Row dialog appears.
  5. Enter the text of your note.
  6. Click OK.

You can edit the text in a line note by clicking Edit this note next to the note.

Choose Where Line Notes Appear

Use the Notes drop-down to set where notes appear on the report.

Notes can display to the right in a column, inline, or as footnotes at the bottom of the page. All of the line notes in a report can be hidden at once by selecting Hide, which does not hide Report Notes. Notes display in the order in which they are added. Notes are saved as soon as they are added, and don't require saving the report.

Clicking the linked superscript for a column or footnote scrolls that note into view.

Column note text automatically truncates to fit column width, but can be expanded by clicking More, or collapsed by clicking Less.

Inline note text can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the triangle that appears next to its row label. While using inline mode, the Notes drop-down also includes options to Expand All Inline and Collapse All Inline.

The default line note style for a report is configurable within the Matrix Report Builder as a report property.

Notes can be made on reports that contain locked versions. Locking a version does not prevent adding notes.

Export a Report with Notes

When you export a report that has notes, the notes are handled differently depending on format:

  • Excel: When a report with inline notes is exported to Excel, its notes appear in a column adjacent to their row on the right side.
  • PDF: Inline notes are merged with cell notes and appear as footnotes.

Delete Notes

If you have top-level access, you can delete all report and line notes on a report for a specific level or for all levels included in the report. You can delete inline notes that  you created.

  1. Select the Notes selector and select Delete Notes.
  2. click one of the options.
    • Selected: Deletes all report notes and line notes in the currently selected level and all its descendant levels.
    • All: Deletes all report notes and line notes in the report for all levels. (Use with caution.)
    • Cancel: Closes the dialog and cancels the delete operation.

To delete a note from a specific line:

  1. Make sure that the notes are displayed as inline or in column using the Notes drop-down.
  2. Click Delete this note next to the line note.
  3. When asked to confirm the deletion, click OK.
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