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Access and View Reports

The main reports page consists of the following sections:

  • Search: Search for a report based on key words and phrase
  • Folder pane: Browse for reports.
  • Reports list: View a list or reports

Navigation: Reports and browse the folders in the left pane to find the report to view. Click the name of the report from the list to view the report.


Enter a search term or phrase and click Search. A set of all reports and folders that match the search term will appear in a Search Results folder.

A report is considered to match a search phrase or term if the report name or the owner of the report contains the phrase or term. No other data of the report is searched. When you submit a search, a Search Results folder will appear as the last top-level folder in the left Folder pane. Only one Search Results folder is allowed. Once the Search Results folder is selected, the Details Panel will display the reports that match the search.

Searches automatically search across all Personal and Shared reports that visible to you.

Folder Pane

Each folder is arranged in a hierarchy, which can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the plus and minus signs next to the folders.

  • Favorites folder:  (Default folder view)  Any content is displayed in the Details Panel
  • Personal folder: Contains any reports that you created
  • Shared folders: Contains any report created by others that were shared with you 

Personal or Shared folders contain subfolders. Use the expand or collapse icon next to Personal or Shared folders to navigate any subfolders and browse for reports. Expanding a folder in either Personal or Shared expands that level. Any reports found in the folder are displayed in the Reports Lis. Subfolders are not initially expanded.

Report List

A list of reports available from the selected report folder. Right-click on the report to select options from the context menu.

Report Viewer

You view a report from the Report Viewer. For matrix reports available options, see  Matrix Report Viewer. For model and transaction reports, the following options are available:

Options Icon
Return: Return to undrilled report state. reportViewerBack.png
Save: Save the report. reportViewerSave.png
Save As: Make a copy of the report and save it under a new name. saveAs.png
Save as Snapshot: Save a snapshot of the report in its current state. saveAsSnapshot.png
Modify Report: Edit the report. modifyReport.png
Filter Report. Create filters to view report results that meet a specific criteria. reportFilter.png
Printable View: Export the report as an Excel file suitable for print­ing. reportPrintableView.png
Export Report: Export the report as Excel or PDF. exportReport.png
Email Report: Send the report as an attachment to an email mes­sage. emailReport.png
Freeze/Unfreeze Headers: Toggle between frozen headers (which do not move as you scroll through the report) and unfrozen headers (which move as you scroll). unfreezeHeaders.png
Show Information: Show the report’s version, currency, and any other information. hideInformation.png
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