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OfficeConnect Advanced Installation, Per Machine

Release: 2017.2

You can install OfficeConnect per-user or per-machine. The prerequisites are the same for both types of installation. See Technical Requirements and Installation for more information. You can install both types silently or push the installs using system management software.

These instructions describe the per-machine installation.  See OfficeConnect Installation,Per User for the per user installation instructions.

Per-machine Installation

The per-machine installation installs files, registry entries, and certificates for all users on the machine. This installation requires administrative permissions and will prompt for elevation.

 This type of installation is recommended for workstations shared by multiple users. It can also be used to install OfficeConnect on a Microsoft Windows Server® for use with Remote Desktop Services.

Product Updates

For the first 45 days, OfficeConnect will only prompt for installation of a new update if you are a member of the local Administrators group. If you are not an administrator, you will start seeing daily notifications of an available update after 45 days. After 60 days, OfficeConnect will not start until an administrator has installed the update.

  • For most updates, the allowed postponement period for per-machine installations is 60 days. High importance updates may require installation after a short period.

Remote Desktop Services

OfficeConnect can be installed on a Microsoft Windows Server and published via Remote Desktop Services. After publishing the OfficeConnect applications, ensure the following:

  • The RemoteApp for OfficeConnect for Word must be passed ‘word’ (lower-case) as a parameter.
  • The RemoteApp for OfficeConnect for PowerPoint must be passed ‘powerpoint’ (lower-case) as a parameter.

Without these parameters, each published application will start OfficeConnect for Excel.

Advanced Parameters

The OfficeConnect installations support the following command-line parameters.

  • INSTALLFOLDER=<alternative installation path>
    • For example: OfficeConnectMachineSetup.exe INSTALLFOLDER=D:\OfficeConnect
    • /quiet
      • This will install the product silently with no UI.
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