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OfficeConnect Installation, Per User

Instructions for per user Installations of OfficeConnect

Release: 2017.2

Review Technical Requirements and Installation BEFORE attempting to install any component of OfficeConnect. It is worth the time to avoid any unnecessary error messages. As they always say "If all else fails, read directions." Happy OfficeConnecting!

OfficeConnect Documentation

OfficeConnect Installation

OfficeConnect can be installed per-user or per-machine. The prerequisites are the same for both types of installation. In addition, both types can be installed silently or pushed using system management software. For advanced per-machine installation instructions, click HERE.

SPECIAL NOTE: The link below is for INSTALLING OfficeConnect only.  Once installed, to launch OfficeConnect follow standard application launch steps, start OfficeConnect, and choose any OfficeConnect application (Excel, Word or PowerPoint) to get started.

Per-user Installation

The per-user installation installs files, registry entries, and certificates only for the installing user. Because it only modifies the user’s profile, this installation does not require the user to have administrative permissions to install OfficeConnect. However, if a prerequisite such as the Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed, elevation will be required.

This type of installation is recommended for most users. It allows users to install future updates without help from IT.

To install OfficeConnect, click the following link (or copy the entire link to your web browser if the link doesn't respond): 

Per-machine Installation: Click HERE

Product Updates

When an update is released, OfficeConnect will prompt you to install the update once per day. You will be able to postpone the update for up to 30 days, though this limit may be shorter if the application hasn’t been used for a while. At the end of the postponement period, OfficeConnect will not start until the update has been installed.

  • For most updates, the allowed postponement period is 30 days. High importance updates may require installation after a shorter period.


Technical and Product Support: For technical assistance installing or using OfficeConnect, contact Support at