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Applying an Organization Structure Elements

When you apply an account element to your report, by default, the data reflects the highest levels the user has access to within the organization structure.

You can focus your report to apply a specific aspect or level of the organization, such as a division, group, or department, as defined in your Adaptive Planning instance. This means you can apply an organization structure element to your report.

There are two methods for applying an organization structure or level to an OfficeConnect report. One method is a global setting, which filters the entire workbook by the organization structure you choose as a filter. See Managing Filters.

The other method is to apply an organization structure to rows, columns, or cells. This method is useful if you want to compare financial data for different levels or departments within the same report. This element-based method is described here.

To add an organization structure element to your report:

  1. Open your OfficeConnect report to which you’ve already applied accounts and time elements.
  2. Select the columns to which the organization structure element will be applied.
  3. From the Reporting pane, click the Elements tab and expand Organization.
  4. Drag your selected levels to the selected columns in the grid.
    Select multiple levels by using the Shift or Ctrl keys.
    If you select multiple levels and drag them to a single column, they are all applied to the element in that column. If you select multiple levels and drag them to multiple columns, the first level is applied to the first column, the second to the second, and so on.

  1. Refresh from the Design group in the OfficeConnect tab. Your report data is updated to reflect the addition of the organization level element.
    To add an organization label, see Applying Element Labels for more information.
  2. If you want to review the organization structure metadata on a column, select the column, and click the Review tab from the Reporting pane.
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