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Highlight Adaptive Cells and Labels

Explains how to highlight cells with Adaptive data in OfficeConnect reports.

You can control the look of your OfficeConnect report in a variety of ways. OfficeConnect formatting capabilities in Excel operate on the data your report pulls in from your Adaptive instance or on the Adaptive labels you create. In addition, you can use the full range of Excel worksheet formatting capabilities available on the Home, Insert, Page Layout, and other tabs.

In any OfficeConnect report, you can easily highlight the Adaptive Planning data and labels. This is especially useful when working in an existing Excel report that mixes Adaptive and non-Adaptive data. The highlighting appears on the screen as well as in the printed report.

Highlight Report's Adaptive Planning Data 

On the {{oc} tab, click Adaptive Cells. The cells containing Adaptive data are highlighted in blue, by default. Any Adaptive labels are highlighted in green, also by default. To turn the highlighting off, on the OfficeConnect tab, click Adaptive Cells again.


Change Highlight Colors 

  1. Click User Settings from the OfficeConnect tab.

  2. Click the Colors tab.

  3. Click the dropdown under Elements to pick a different color for the Adaptive Planning data cells and click the dropdown under Lables to pick a different color for the cells with Adaptive Planning labels.

  4. Click OK for each. 

  5. Click OK again. 


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