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You can create high-quality reports, board books, and executive presentations by using OfficeConnect with Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Word®, and Microsoft PowerPoint®. With its connection to your financial data in Adaptive Planning and Consolidation, OfficeConnect is your best way to create dynamic and compelling reports, documents, and presentations that always reflect up-to-date financial information.

With OfficeConnect, you can quickly create compelling and up-to-date reports, documents, and presentations for decision makers through a set of versatile add-ins for Microsoft Office 365™ (desktop edition), Office 2013, Office 2010, or Office 2016.

You can:

  • Drag and drop data from Adaptive Planning or Consolidation into OfficeConnect for Excel to create presentation-quality reports using Excel formatting and data manipulation capabilities.
  • Link Adaptive data from OfficeConnect for Excel into a document in OfficeConnect for Word to create and update financial data in narratives and tables.
  • Link Adaptive data from OfficeConnect for Excel into a presentation in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint to create and update tables and charts on slides.

With the dynamic connection from your Adaptive Planning financial information into your Office applications, you can create new reports or leverage your existing report formats, and then instantly update data in those reports whenever needed.

After your Adaptive Planning links are set up, you never have to relink, update formulas, or reformat across succeeding months or other reporting periods. Just change the report date, refresh the file, and your report is ready to present.

Creating Dynamic Reports

Using OfficeConnect, you can design, populate, and publish high-quality reports using financial data from an Adaptive Insights instance. You can create matrix-based and presentation-quality report formats, including the following:

Profit and loss reports, balance sheets, cash flow, actuals, budget, and forecast reports in Excel.

  • Board books and other documents in Microsoft Word using linked data in tables and narrative text.
  • Executive presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint using automatically updated data in slides containing tables and charts.

You can connect existing Excel report formats to Adaptive Planning, or create new ones from a blank slate. With OfficeConnect, your reports are dynamically updated, as you can refresh your reports with a single click. With full connectivity from Adaptive Planning to Excel and then to Word and PowerPoint, your data flows from financial reports to executive presentations.

Understanding the OfficeConnect Data Flow

The following diagram shows how your source data lives in your Adaptive instance from either Adaptive Planning or Consolidation.

With OfficeConnect for Excel, you connect to your Adaptive instance and pull the financial data you choose from Adaptive Planning into Excel, by date, version, organization level, or custom dimension. For example, you can connect data in plans, budgets, forecasts, and actuals in Excel. You can then use the Excel reporting and data manipulation tools to create your reports for comparison, analysis, and more.

Taking it further, you can link Excel tables and other information based on Adaptive Planning data and link them to board books and other documents in OfficeConnect for Word. You can also copy Excel tables and charts based on Adaptive Planning data and link them to executive presentation slides in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. As you update the financial data in Adaptive Planning, you can dynamically refresh your linked reports in Excel, and in turn, refresh your documents in Word and presentations in PowerPoint, all without having to rekey, relink, or reformat.

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