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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Technology Requirements

Describes all the Adaptive Planning technology requirements for browsers, languages, and Microsoft Office versions.

Browser and Platform Support

  Windows Mac Mobile
  Windows 8, 8.1, 10 OS X 10.11 and higher  
Internet Explorer 11 n/a Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Edge Latest Version n/a Microsoft Surface Pro 4
FireFox Latest Version
Latest ESR*
Latest Version
Latest ESR*
Chrome Latest Version Latest Version Samsung Galaxy S2
Safari n/a Latest Version iPad Pro

*The Extended Support Release (ESR) is an official release of Firefox for desktop for use by organizations including schools, universities, businesses, and others who need extended support for mass deployments.

Tablet Supported Pages

Only the following pages are supported on tablets: Home, Welcome, Sheets, Assumptions, Report Viewer, Dashboards, Consolidations, Processes, Workflow, Model Overview, Integration Task, and Integration Task Detail.


Language Support

  Planning Dashboards Excel Interface for Planning and OfficeConnect Knowledge Center1
French n/a Go to Site
Portuguese (Brazilian) n/a n/a
Spanish n/a n/a
Japanese n/a Go to Site
German n/a n/a
Swedish n/a n/a
Korean n/a Go to Site
Dutch2 Partner translated n/a n/a n/a

1The FAQs and Customer Journey articles within the Knowledge Center are English only.

2Adaptive Planning partners translate into Dutch. There may be discrepancies in the way text is presented or areas of the application where translated text is unavailable.

All text in the user interface is displayed in the user's language. Numbers and dates on sheets and reports are displayed in the appropriate format for the user's locale and users can enter, store, and display data in their language. Users can enter textual data in any language, including accented characters and ideographic characters (such as in Chinese and Japanese). All entered text will be displayed correctly.

Microsoft Semi-Annual Channel

We recommend using the Microsoft Semi-Annual Channel for template reports, Excel Interface for Planning, and OfficeConnect which require using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft recommends the Semi-Annual Channel for "users and/or organizations that have a significant number of line-of-business applications, add-ins, and/or macros that need to be tested with each release."

More information on Office 365 best practices can be found at

Workday Adaptive Planning Data Agent

See Data Agent Technical Requirements for its full requirements.

Restricting Access by Domains and IP Addresses

Use the * and * domains for restricting access. See Restrict Access by Specific Domains and IP Addresses if your organization requires restricting access to Workday Adaptive Planning sites by specific domains and IP addresses or doesn't allow domain-based access restrictions.

OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning

See Reference: OfficeConnect Technical Requirements and Reference: Technical Requirements for Excel Interface for Planning for their full requirements.