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Assumptions and User-Assigned Sheets

The Assumptions Overview page provides links to every User-Assigned Sheet to which you have access. The sheets you can see and edit are also accessible by clicking the sheet name in the blue bar, though the bar can only show a limited number of sheet names; this Overview screen lists all of your available sheets. 

If the Workflow feature is enabled for your company, you can also change the workflow notes and the workflow state of each of your User-Assigned Sheets on this page. You can submit sheets that are currently In Progress, or "recall" sheets which have previously been submitted. Once a sheet is submitted, you can no longer change any data on it. 


Assumptions are global values in Adaptive Planning defined by users who have been granted Assumptions permission, but whose values are accessible to all users when writing formulas in their own levels. Assumptions can vary over time and have different values in different planning versions, but always have the same value on every level and in every account. Assumptions are referenced in formulas similar to the manner in which Accounts are referenced, except instead of using "ACCT" to indicate an account in a formula, the prefix "ASSUM" is used. Assumptions are generally edited on sheets in the Assumptions screen.

User-Assigned Sheets

User-assigned sheets are found on the Assumptions screen. These are sheets which are configured by an administrator to be accessible only to specific users, regardless of which levels those users may usually access. While all other types of sheets are made available on levels, and are then visible or editable only to users who have access to those levels, user-assigned sheets are visible to any users who are specifically assigned to the sheet. The visibility of user-assigned sheets when on the Assumptions screen is not affected by your current working level selection (the selection in the Level Selector in the upper right corner of the screen). However, these types of sheets may have different levels available on them, and changing your current working level will show the values of the accounts on the sheet for that level. The most common use of a User-Assigned Sheet is to create an Assumptions sheet where one or more users can define the values of global Assumptions whose values are then accessible from every level. Assumptions sheets usually only have the Top Level available on them. Note: If your instance has unpublished changes, a warning line will inform you that edits cannot be made on this page until the changes have been published. 

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