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User-Assigned Sheet View

This page shows a sheet which you can edit or view because an administrator has given you access to this sheet. You can view any levels and accounts on this sheet which the administrator has added for you. 

Sheets can be User Assigned or Level Assigned: 

  • Level assigned sheets are associated with the organization structure. Your access to these sheets is based on the level access that the administrator has assigned to you. To view level assigned sheets, navigate to: Sheets > Overview.
  • User assigned sheets are assigned on a per-user basis. Your level access does not dictate which of these sheets you can see. To view user assigned sheets, navigate to: Modeling > Accounts > Assumptions.

You can select which version of data you are editing (if you have a choice of more than one version) by selecting a version from the menu at the top of the sheet. 

The toolbar above the sheet is used to perform many functions: you can erase all edits since your last save, save your edits, generate a printable view of the sheet, or refresh the sheet. You can add, remove, or rename splits of accounts, and can launch the Explain Cell explorer on a selected cell. 

Refer to Sheets Overview and Sheet Viewer for more information on using sheets. 

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