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Sheet Viewer Toolbar

The toolbar on the sheet viewer contains buttons to perform a variety of actions. Many of these functions are also available in cell context menus.

Icon Name Description  

Erase All Edits

Erases all unsaved changes on the sheet and returns the values in those cells to the values they had before any edits had been made. This button does not refresh the data on the sheet to include changes made by other users (see Refresh below). 

All Sheets
recalculateFormulas.png Recalculate Recalculates formulas on all rows and brings isolated sheets back into sync with the rest of your model. Model 

Save Saves all unsaved changes on the sheet to the database.  All Sheets

Printable View Generates a printable view of the data on the sheet by exporting a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel (*xls) format for printing.  All Sheets

Refresh Discards all unsaved changes on the sheet and reloads the previous version from the database. This will refresh the data seen on the sheet and will display any new changes which may have been made to the values on the sheet by other users.  

Copy Value, Copy Formula Toggles between copying the value of selected cells or copying the formulas. Set accordingly, then use keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V).  

Add Split Adds a new split to the account. This button is inactive if more than one cell is selected, or new splits cannot be added to the sheet. Standard sheets

Delete Split Deletes the split with the currently-selected cell. This button is inactive if more than one cell is selected, or the cell is not on a split.  Standard sheets

Rename Split Renames the split with the currently-selected cell. This button is inactive if more than one cell is currently selected, or the selected cell is not on a split. Standard sheets

Add Row Adds a new row below the current row. This button is inactive if new rows cannot be added to the sheet. Modeled sheets
Delete Row Deletes the selected rows. This button is inactive if rows cannot be deleted from the sheet.  Modeled sheets

Explore Cell Opens the Cell Explorer. This button is only active when a cell contains a formula or value which can be explored.  

Change Dimensions Opens the Change Dimensions dialog which specifies which dimension is placed on each axis of the sheet, as well as which dimensions are included in the dimension selectors (located at the top of the sheet). Change Dimensions is the faster way to change multiple dimensions at the same time.  Cube sheets

Swap Axes A quick way to swap the dimension on top of the sheet with the dimension on the side of the sheet. Click this icon to swap the X-axis with the Y-axis, but leave the rest of the sheet unchanged. This button is only active when a single dimension is added to the Y-axis. Cube sheets

Restore Default View Restores the sheet to the  initial view specified by the sheet designer (including the selection of which dimensions are on the top and side of the sheet, and which elements are shown on those dimensions).  Cube sheets

Display Options

Alters the display and filters out elements on the sheet so you can focus on the information that is most important to you.  For example, you can use display options to change the viewable time range, decide which columns to include, or suppress all rows with zeroes or blanks. The available display options vary depending on the type of sheet: standard, cube, or modeled. Settings include:

  • Time: Defines time range and set column display options for periods, such as months, quarters, and years. On modeled sheets, Time settings are available only if a timespan is included on the sheet. 
  • Version comparison: Standard sheets only. Enables you to define separate versions for comparison.
  • Sparklines:  Standard and cube sheets only. A sparkline is a small graphic designed to give a quick representation of numerical or statistical information. You can choose to display no sparklines (None), line charts, or bar charts.
  • Filter:  Modeled sheets only. Enables you to filter rows of information based on multiple match criteria. For example, all job titles that begin with VP with a pay rate over $100,000. 
  • Levels: Cube sheets only. Use the level selector to find and select which levels to display. 
  • Custom dimension: Cube sheets only. Specifies the dimension and dimension values to show on the sheet. 
  • Suppress rows if all zeros or blank: Automatically hides any row with zeros or blank values. 
  • Set as default for all users:  For users with Model Management Access > Model permissions. Makes your selections the default for all users.

When the sheet view is filtered, the Display Option icon on the toolbar changes to .

All sheets

Chart Displays a graphical version of the selected cells. Only available to users with Discovery permissions. Standard sheets


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