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Use Sparklines in Sheets

Sparklines offer a quick view of the trends associated with account values on standard and cube sheets. When turned on, they appear in the first column of the sheet. Click the sparkline cell to see a larger, more detailed version. For editable sheet values, users can drag and drop points on the trend line as a way of doing visual data entry.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you're on a cube sheet or standard sheet to use Sparklines. Learn how to identify sheet types

Show Sparklines

To turn Sparklines on:

  1. Open a standard or cube sheet (learn how to identify sheet types). 
  2. Click Display Options displayOptions.png.
  3. Click the Sparklines tab.
  4. Select either line chart format or bar chart format.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click the cell with the chart to open an expanded view.

Edit Data with Sparklines

  1. Open a standard or cube sheet. 
  2. Select a level and version that is editable and find a row with white cells (editable).
  3. Click the cell with the sparkline to open the expanded view. 
  4. Click any point on the chart and drag it up or down. The value appears in the corresponding cells. 

Edit data with sparklines

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