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Change Sheet View

Explains how to change your view of Planning sheets using Display Options and other tools.

The default view of the your sheet is set by your admin. You can pivot the sheet and use filters to get to the data you want to see. You can also save your own initial view. Choose from these options to change your view of sheets:

  • Swap the axes.
  • Change dimensions and coordinates in cube sheets.
  • Revert to your admin's default view.

See Filter Sheets to learn how to filter out data in modeled sheets, and suppress zeros and blank rows in all sheets.

Before You Begin

  • Pivot cube and standard sheets. You can't pivot a modeled sheet. 
  • If your model has different currencies for different levels, check the currency before you review or enter data. See Multi-Currency On Sheets.

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. Once you open a sheet, select a version and choose a level. You must choose a leaf level to edit cells.

See Open Sheets and Get to Editable Cells.

How the Initial and Default Views Work

The initial view and the default view are different. Your admin sets the default view for all users for cube and standard sheets. You can save your own initial view anytime you change the view and save the sheet. When you return to the same sheet and version, you see the filters, axis, and dimensions you saved. 

Click Reset to Default View ResetDefaultView.png anytime to return to the view your admin created.

Swap Axes in Standard Sheets

Watch the video: (34s)

Pivot Standard Sheets

Swap the row and filter in standard sheets.

When accounts are down the rows, right-click in the first column, and select View by level. The levels display down the rows and you can filter the accounts. To switch back, right-click in the first column and select View by Account

Change the Axes and Dimensions in Cube Sheets

Watch the video: (1m)

Pivot Cube Sheets

Swap the Axes

Click Swap Axes SheetsSwapAxis.png  to swap the current rows with the current columns. For example, if you have time across the columns and accounts down the rows, click this button to display accounts across and time down the rows.

You can move any dimension or attribute in cube sheets to the columns, rows, or filters. 

Dimensions and attributes are built into cube sheets by your modeling admin.

Change the Axes with Drag and Drop

Drag a dimension or attribute from the top of the sheet. Wait until the cell turns blue, then drop into:

  • The first column of any row to replace the current row dimension. Or if there's nested dimensions in the rows, drop it on the one you want to replace.
  • The header row of any column to replace the column dimension.

Drag and drop and dimension into the rows.

Change the Axes and Add Nested Rows with Change Dimensions Button

Change Dimensions ChangeDimensions.png lets you change the dimensions on the axes and add nested rows.

  1. Click Change Dimensions ChangeDimensions.png
  2. Horizontal drop-down: Choose one dimension or attribute. This displays across the columns. 
  3. Vertical drop-downs: Choose at least one dimension or attribute. This  displays down the rows. Choose more dimensions in the additional drop-downs. These nest within the vertical dimension in the rows (see the example below).
  4. Click OK

In the example below, Levels are the main vertical dimension. The sheet shows levels down the rows. Accounts are nested within each level on the sheet.

Accounts are nested within Levels in the vertical axis

Revert to Your Admin's Default View

To revert back to the initial view, click Reset to Default View ResetDefaultView.png and click Save.

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