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Cell Explorer Overview

Cell explorer allows you to explore the contents of a cell and how its value is calculated, making it easy to drill down, locate, and identify formula errors. It also lets you explore other aspects of the cell, including cell notes, audit trail history, and other information. Cell Explorer can be accessed from sheets, reports, the Audit Trail report, the Intercompany Eliminations screen, and the Validate Formulas screen.

To open cell explorer, select a cell on a sheet and click the Explore Cell  icon, or choose Explore Cell from the context menu. 

Additional Actions

Additional actions you can take from the cell context menu or the cell explorer includes:

  • View Audit Trail: Shows the history of user-entered changes for a cell. This information helps to answer questions about where and when the data originated, who made the latest changes to the cell, and so on. The audit trail also tracks changes resulting from imports and formula updates.
  • Drill Into NetSuite only appears if the cell value is an actuals value that has been imported from NetSuite. Clicking this link launches a NetSuite transaction detail report for this cell.
  • Drill into Transactions only appears if the cell corresponds with an account, level, and time where at least one transaction has been loaded. Clicking this link launches a Transaction Detail report for the cell.
  • Open and Edit Related Sheets: Click the links to the related sheets, listed on the right panel under Visible on the following sheets. The sheet will open and you can edit the underlying cell. 


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