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Use Dimensions on Cube Sheets

On cube sheets, dimensions or attributes display: 

  • Across the top of the grid in the columns.
  • Down the left side of the sheet. Multiple dimensions and attributes can nest within the rows. 
  • As drop-down filters above the sheet. 

Use Dimensions or Attributes as Filters

Selecting a different value in one of the dimension selectors refreshes the sheet to show the values corresponding to the new set of dimensions. For example, if the dimension was present in the dimension selector and was currently set to Rent, changing that selection to Interest Expense refreshes the sheet and shows values of the Interest Expense account instead of the values of the Rent account that had previously been present.

Use Dimensions as Columns or Rows

  • You can drag an entire dimension either onto the top of the grid (on top of a column header) or onto the left side of the grid (on top of a row header).
  • The values selected in the dimension selectors, as well as the choice of which dimensions appear on the axes of the grid, are both changeable. In the toolbar, click Change Dimensions .

On Modeled Sheets, dimension attributes can act as filters for dimension values. Choosing a dimension attribute value limits the list of available dimension values. Two attribute columns can drive the selections in the dimension column.

Two attribute columns can drive the available selections in the dimension column. As an example, by selecting a product group and product availability first, users will only see a list of relevant products.

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