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Edit Dimension Values on Sheets

If you have permission to edit dimensions on sheets, you can add and rename dimension values for dimensions on cube sheets and modeled sheets if those dimensions have been configured to allow editing on the sheet. 

Add a New Value

If available, an Edit Dimension button appears at the bottom of the dimension's selector. 

  1. Open the dimension selector and click Edit Dimension. An Edit Dimension dialog box opens, allowing you to edit the dimension by renaming elements of the dimension or adding new elements.
  2. Select the location where you want to add the new dimension value by selecting a dimension value in the tree.
  3. Decide if the new dimension value will be a child or a sibling of the selected dimension value and click Add Child or Add Sibling. The location where you are inserting the new dimension value will be highlighted.
  4. Type a Name for the new dimension value. 
  5. Click Save. After saving, the dimension tree highlights the newly-added value.

Rename an Existing Value

  1. Select a dimension value
  2. Change its name in the details panel. Only dimension values can be renamed; the dimension itself cannot be renamed from this dialog.
  3. Click Save.

When you add a new dimension value to a dimension that is associated with a lookup table in a modeled sheet, the associated row is created in the lookup table and the values are blank.

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