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Right-Click Menu in Sheets

Many of the options available in the right-click menu are also available on the toolbar. However, some options are available only in the right-click menu.

  • Clear: Not available for rollups. Erase the current contents of the cells by setting their values to zero.
  • Copy Forward:  Not available for rollups. A submenu with two choices:
    • Copy Forward To End: Copies the value or formula of the currently-selected cell into every cell on the current row of the version, from the currently-selected cell to the end of the row. 
    • Advanced: Allows you to specify how far to copy the value forward, and how to change the value in each cell, if desired (e.g. increase it by 10% each month). 

If Time is not present on the X axis in cube sheets, you will see the following options:

  • Copy Forward
    • Copy to End: Copies the value or formula of the currently selected cell onto the remaining cells in the row. This applies to all values, including any dimensions you have hidden.
    • Copy to End Including Cell Note: Allows you to copy forward a value or formula, including the cell note. 
  • Copy Downward: Identical to Copy Forward, except it copies downward in the cube..
  • Formula Assistant: Begin editing the contents of the cell using the Formula Assistant
  • Adjust: Used to adjust the values of all cells in the selected range. Adjustments can raise or lower the values in the cells by a percentage or by a fixed amount. If you adjust cells that contain formulas, those formulas are replaced with numeric values.
  • Add Note: Add a note to the cell. 
  • Edit Note: Edit a note attached to the cell.
  • Remove Note: Remove the note attached to the cell. 
  • Add Split: Adds a new split to the account whose cell is selected. You cannot add splits in a cumulative plan-by-delta account.
  • Rename Split: Renames the current split of the account.
  • Delete Split: Deletes the current split of the account.
  • Add Row: Modeled sheets only. Adds one or more new rows to the sheet. Choose the number of rows to add from the context menu.
  • Copy Row: Modeled sheets only. Copies the selected row or rows to the end of the sheet.
  • Delete Row: Modeled sheets only. Deletes the selected row or rows from the sheet.
  • Row Details: Modeled sheets only. Displays the values for all Modeled Accounts associated with the current sheet for the selected row.
  • Explore Cell: Opens the Cell Explorer on the selected cell. This button is active only if the cell contains value for formula.
  • Drill Into Transactions: Transactions only. Opens the default Transaction Detail report for the selected cell.
  • Drill Into NetSuite: NetSuite only. Opens a NetSuite report that includes which transactions apply to number that appears in the cell. 
  • Cube Details. Cube sheets only. Shows all Cube Account values for the intersection of dimensions at the selected cell. This option is available in timespan rollups (Quarter or FY) and in dimension rollups (All).
  • Show and Hide: Used to show and hide columns or rows of the sheet. 
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