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Cell Colors and Notations Legend

Describes what the cell and text colors and other notations mean in the Adaptive grid of Excel Interface for Planning.

Whether you are working with sheets directly from Adaptive Planning or working with them through Excel Interface for Planning, cells and the data in cells have different colors and notations to provide visual information about the data. 

Characteristic Meaning
White background Cell is editable.
Light blue background Cell’s value is a rollup (like quarter or fiscal year) that you can't edit directly, but you can edit the cells that roll up to this value by expanding the row or by drilling down by level or account.
Gray background Cell is read-only. This either because you are accessing a level that you are not permitted to edit, or the data has been purposely locked for read-only. 
Red background Cell formula has an error.
Blue text Cell contains information you entered and have not saved yet. 
Green text Cell is displaying actuals data.
Italic Cell contains a formula.
Red corner Cell contains a cell note.
Bold text Cell contains a total.