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Refreshing and Merging Workbooks

Refresh standard, modeled, and cube sheets with the latest planning and choose to merge or overwrite with changes to the version, level, and sheet from the Adaptive server.

Refresh and Merge Works

Refresh your sheet from the Planning tab to get the latest server changes. If you did not submit your changes and another user updated the sheet from the server, a dialog is displayed asking if you want to Merge my changes or Override my changes.

Override My Changes

Local pending changes are discarded and overwritten with the latest changes on the server. You will not be asked to confirm conflicts.

Merge My Changes

Merge retains your pending changes and updates the sheet with new server values. If your values in cells conflict with the server, you'll get the option to retain your pending changes or discard them.


Select the check box to accept the server value and discard the local value. Or leave it unselected to retain your pending value.

If you choose to retain a value that is no longer valid, an you'll receive an error message and the local change will be discarded. 




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