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Working with Sheets

Explains how to get started with Excel Interface for Planning using a standard, modeled, or cube sheet

These steps cover the basics and explain how to get started with standard or modeled sheets in Excel. See working with a Cube Sheets in Excel for basics on using this sheet.

  1. Click Login from the Planning tab, and enter your Adaptive User Id and Password in the Login dialog. Click Ok.

    Example of a Login window for Excel Interface for Planning
    Once logged in, you are connected to the Adaptive server. You can select sheets, submit changes, and refresh sheet data.
  2. Select the sheet and optionally select an assumption, version, and level from the Planning pane.

  3. Edit the sheet using familiar Excel functions. 

    Editing an Adaptive Planning sheet follows many of the same rules as working directly from the Adaptive UI. For example, you can edit certain cells  (as indicated by a white cell background color). See Cell Colors and Notations for more information.

  4. Click Submit from the Planning tab to save changes to the Adaptive server. The number of pending changes are indicated in parentheses. Submitting refreshes the sheet with any changes made from the Adaptive server.

  5. A message appears letting you know that the change was saved. Click Ok to continue editing.

  6. Click Refresh to sync the sheet in Excel with any changes (numeric and structural) that were saved to the Adaptive server by other users.

Note: If you have pending changes, submit first before refreshing to avoid losing your pending changes.

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