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Charts for Sales Planning

Describes chart types that are only available for Adaptive Insights for Sales from the Discovery.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

Adaptive Insights for Sales gives you charts and capabilities specifically designed to help with planning for sales bookings, capacity, quota, and territories.

Territory Map

A territory map is a geographic chart that defines the boundaries of sales territory ownership. You can view sales-related data for a territory by clicking it. Territory maps require a cube sheet containing sales representatives, their geographic assignments, and other multi-dimensial data related to their sales performance or sales opportunities.

See Create a Territory Map Chart and Territory Map Chart Settings.

Sheet Chart

A sheet chart is a container for displaying sheets within a Discovery dashboard. Sheet charts let you make changes to the sheet data your charts rely on without the need to navigate out of Discovery. Saved changes immediately update related charts and sheets in a dashboard.

See Create a Sheet Chart.

Text Chart

A text chart is a container for displaying text in dashboard. They can be useful for providing explanatory information or notes about the other charts or sheets in a dashboard. The text can be entered unformatted, as HTML, or as markdown syntax.

See Create a Text Chart.

Scatter Chart

A scatter chart visualizes trends as data points, where the x-axis is time or dimension. 

See Create a Scatter Chart.


A scenario is also known as a version. You can create one when viewing a dashboard.

A version represents a particular financial scenario.  For example, a version can be current-year actuals, next year's budget, a three-year plan, or a what-if plan for evaluating the effects of a business transaction.

See Create a Sales Scenario.

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