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Getting Started with Sales Planning

Log In

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and passwords in the fields.
  3. To make subsequent logins easier, check Remember Username. The next time you visit the login page you will only need to provide your password.
  4. Click Submit.

Swap From Finance to Sales Planning With Multiple Instances

If your company has both a financial planning instance and a sales planning instance, you can swap from one to the other.

Click your company name and choose the sales planning instance.

Instance Menu

Navigate to Your Sales Planning Dashboard

To get to your sales planning dashboard, navigate to Discovery. This opens the Perspective Overview.

The dashboards and perspectives you see in Discovery model your company's specific sales workflow and operations. The screenshot below is an example and may not be exactly what you see for your company.

Adaptive Insights for Sales Home

Typically, this perspective overview contains at least two perspectives: one for 1 Capacity and Quota Planning, and another for 2 Territory Planning. The 3 version selector lets you know which planning scenario you are viewing and lets you quickly create new planning scenarios

Additional perspectives might be visible depending on your organization's planning needs and how your sales processes have been modeled.

Click on a perspective to begin planning.

Begin Planning

A summary of your other dashboards could be the first tab, to quickly point out the key metrics and data from the other dashboards for your plan. Usually, the planning process starts with capacity and quota planning based on top-down targets from your CFO or finance department.  The process continues with territory planning as you generate staffing plans and assign sales representatives to their territories. Each dashboard tab helps you complete a portion of your planning process. You visit each tab, analyze your existing data, make adjustments to individual sheets and charts and analyze how those changes tweak the results across your dashboards.

Sales Planning - Capacity and Quota Planning Summary

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