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Adaptive Live 18 Tips and Tricks Sessions

Adaptive Live 2018 - Tips and Tricks Presentations

Here you will find the tips and tricks presented at Adaptive Live 2018. Most presentations are available to view and download. Presentations are listed in alpabetic order by title.

Session Description Presenters
Custom Display As Learn how to leverage the power of these reporting options: display as a percentage, display as a percent of a total, customize time in columns by version, trailing 3 months. Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Dot Notation: Building Formulas Like an Expert Location-base formula syntax, such as this.version.description and search( and time formula references, such as this.version.positionof(this.month). Josh Crume, Adaptive Insights
Formula Best Practices Learn tips  for formula creation and management, such as utilizing comments, spacing in formulas, shared formulas, and master formulas. Kimberly Hoover, Adaptive Insights
Leveraging OfficeConnect Take full advantage of OfficeConnect capabilities with multiple workbooks, workbook filters, and find-replace. Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Mastering Imports Learn how to update your instance efficiently with new data and how to manage structural elements like a pro. Andrey Malkov, Adaptive Insights
Move Around Sheets Like a Pro! Learn how to toggle between sheets, work within multiple tabs and windows, sheet display options, keyboard shortcuts. Also learn about the process guide and get a model overview. Andrea Smith, Adaptive Insights
New and Hidden Gems Leverage trick to make administration and planning easier. John McAlmon, Adaptive Insights
Report Efficiencies Helpful techniques for matrix reporting building: custom display, report shifting, reusable reports, and virtual versions. Kimberly Hoover, Adaptive Insights
Performance Best Practices Learn efficient ways to get the same results. We'll cover new formula syntax, validate formulas, admin publishing, recalculate on demand, calculate formula values, and master formulas. Amanda Merchant, Adaptive Insights
Troubleshooting Data Want to know where your data is coming from and how it gets calculated. Learn how to resolve discrepancies in your data. John McAlmon, Adaptive Insights
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