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Workflow Statuses

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


What are the different statuses for Workflow and how does each status impact the sheet/users?


In Progress: This is the status when a version is first created and budget owners are entering data for the budget cycle. Data on sheets is editable in this stage for budget owners and managers.

Submitted for Review: Once budget owners have finished entering data, the budget is ready for review and approval by management. Once a level has been submitted, the sheets are locked and data is no longer editable for the budget owners (users with access to child levels). Management (users with access to the parent level(s)) can still edit data if desired. If a budget owner wishes to make updates after a budget has been submitted, the Recall Level Submission button on the Overview tab can be used. Sheets will again become editable for budget owners. Sheets are editable for approvers (i.e. management) in this stage.

Rejected: If management rejects a budget that has been submitted, sheets are editable for budget owners. Many clients utilize the notes field with specific comments to assist budget owners with their updates. Once the updates have been made, budget owners submit the budget again. During this stage, data is also editable for approvers (management).

Approved: Once management approves a budget, sheets are locked and are no longer editable for budget owners or Management.

Locked: Data is locked and uneditable for budget owners and management.

For more information on Workflow approvals, click here.

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