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Headcount split between different currencies


On the Personnel sheet, I am trying to split a few employees between plans that have different currencies (USD and CAD). I've split other employees within all USD plans, and the allocated salary shows up correctly on each plan. However, when I try and split an employee's salary between a USD plan and CAD plan, the split only shows for the USD plan but NOT the CAD plan (even though the allocation % is not 0). How can I make this work properly?


The exchange rate that is used to convert the Pay Rate is taken from the initial balance plan period in the version, specifically the End of month exchange rate. Check the CAD exchange rate in the initial balance period for the plan version. If actuals are displayed in the version, it is possible that you might have to push your Start of Plan back so that you can input the exchange rates in the initial balance in planning periods (not actuals periods).

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