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Delete splits


How do I delete splits?


If the splits are in a Budget version, they will need to be deleted on the sheet itself by right-clicking on the split and selecting “Delete” from the drop-down menu. There is also a button on the toolbar (appears as a row with a minus symbol) to delete splits. If the splits are grouped together you can highlight and delete multiple at once.

One option to help speed up the process, depending on where the splits are located/prevalent, is to switch to View by Level or View by Account. You can do so by right-clicking on the accounts or levels on the y-axis of a Standard sheet and selecting the available option. In some cases having levels on the axis may make the deletion process quicker, while in other cases it will be more efficient to put accounts on the axis.

If the splits are in the Actuals version, there is a feature called Erase Actuals that could help. You can run Erase Actuals from the navigation menu>Integration>Erase Actuals. If a split becomes blank due to Erase Actuals, it will be deleted automatically. Erase Actuals would apply to ALL GL or Custom Accounts in the Actuals version for the time range (single month or range of months) selected. This would require you having the actuals data available to reimport to the system as this is a complete clear of all data from the accounts in the given time range.

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