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Construction In Process Depreciation

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


The particular assets we are working with are part of CIP and were purchased on various dates in the year, but need to start depreciation on their in service date(1/1/2017). How can this be accomplished?


In order to pick up the depreciation before the In Service date, we needed to create multiple formulae.

The value of the asset is in the Timespan, Row.QuantityExpend.

We needed to make an Accumulated Quantity (row.cumquantity) account which needed to be a “Cumulative, Plan by Balance” in order to carry the value of the asset forward so it would be included in the depreciation spread.



In Service Quantity (row.insvcQty) will be used in the Depreciation Spread. This formula will give us the value of all the assets purchased (row.cumQuantity) when we are in January 2017, and the months after will subtract last month’s asset value since row.cumquantity is a previous plus account. If at a date before 1/2017 the formula will return “0”.

if(versionmonth(this) < versionmonth(ROW.InService), 0, if(versionmonth(this)=versionmonth(ROW.InService),ROW.CumQty,ROW.CumQty-ROW.CumQty[time=THIS-1]))


Row.CIPDepreciation will spread the Row.InsvcQty using our LookUp table, CapEx_Asset.


CIP Depreciation Final Row.CIPDepre

This formula is very similar to In Service Quantity, but instead will return the Depreciation Spread instead of Value when we reach the In Service Date.

if(versionmonth(this)<versionmonth(ROW.InService), 0,if(versionmonth (this)=versionmonth(ROW.InService),ROW.CIPDepreciation, ROW.CIPDepreciation-ROW.CIPDepreciation[time=THIS-1]))