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Should I Use Account Attributes Or Account Dimensions (Splits) For Consolidations?

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


Adaptive Consolidation gives you the option to model your Consolidations using either Account Attributes or Account Dimensions (Splits). Which one should I use?


The default option is Attributes. The selection can be edited via Admin > General Setup > Trading partner account identification.

While the setting can be changed after implementation, doing so comes with a cost. To change the setting, you will need to delete all elimination rules first. Further, changing the setting will cause all trading partner flags and intercompany account balance indicators to be lost. They will need to be re-set based on the new configuration.


Account Attributes:

  • System attribute
  • Separate intercompany account for every trading partner
  • Journal entries allowed
  • Account attributes should be used if separate accounts are preferred
  • This method allows for greater granularity with more touch points

Account Dimensions (Splits):

  • System dimension
  • Single intercompany account for all intercompany balances
  • The dimension/splits are assigned to the desired sheets
  • Import of Actuals splits is allowed
  • Not currently available for journal entries
  • Account dimensions (splits) should be used if intercompany account balances are held in sub-accounts
  • This method creates a dimension, which can only be populated by flagging a level as a trading partner. It requires only a single intercompany account, which is then split into trading partner balances using the "split"function. It has fewer touch points, with moderate granularity


  • System accounts cannot be directly edited - their values are populated whenever a level is flagged as a trading partner
  • The level name is the attribute/dimension value
  • Look the same in the Eliminations Matching Viewer


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