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Choose Consolidation Methods

Explains how to choose and define the triggers for different consolidation methods, including full consolidation with minority interest adjustment, proportional consolidation, and equity or cost methods of consolidation.

Audience: Admins who manage models with consolidation. 

The consolidation methods determines how subsidiary accounts roll up to parent company's. See Concept: Consolidation Ownership.


  • Your model must have the consolidation capability. Contact us for more information. 
  • New to consolidation? See Concept: Consolidation.  
  • Required permissions: Model Management Access > Model and Model Management Access > Consolidation.
  • Organize your levels so that subsidiaries roll up to parent companies. 

Trigger Considerations

  • Full consolidation triggers at a specified percent of ownership.
  • Full consolidation follows a specific method. Once activated, it works for any level whose ownership falls within the range. 
  • You must also activate a method for ownership ranges that fall below the trigger for Full. If Full triggers at 50%, you must choose a method for percentages below 50%. 

Prerequisites For Full Consolidation

Net Income must be a rollup account with child accounts:

  • Net income (prior to adjustment).
  • System account for minority interest adjustment.


Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu click Modeling. From the Others menu, click Consolidation Percentages to open the sheet.

Choose and Define Methods

Watch the video (0m 55s):

Choose Consolidation Methods

For a complete walk-through, see Automate Minority Interest Adjustments

  1. From the sheet toolbar, click Settings reportProperties.png

consolidation methods table

  1. Select the radio button next to the method you want activated.
  2. In the From (%) field, enter the minimum percent of ownership that triggers the method. For example, if you enter 70%, any level that owns 70% or more triggers the method.
  3. The To (%) field, prefills to complete the 100% range through all activated methods. This defines the end of the ownership range for the method. In the example, any level that's owned 69.99% or less, follows the No Consolidation method.
  4. If you choose Full:

    1. From the System Account drop-down, choose the system account that holds the calculated adjustment.

    2. From the Net Income Account, choose the general ledger account used to calculate the adjustment. This should be the parent net income account.

  5. Click Apply
  6. Save the sheet. 
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