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Create Allocate-In and Allocate-Out Accounts

Explains how to create system account for allocations.

If there are currently no allocation rules in your instance, required system accounts (an allocation-in and allocation-out account) must be set up before you can create any new rules.


Required permissions: Model Management Access > Model.


Compass.png Go to Modeling > Model Management and select General Ledger Accounts.

Check For Existing Allocation-related System Accounts

  1. Type Allocation in the search box.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard or select the search icon.
  3. Look for account names with allocation-related names and the system account icon.

If you find allocation accounts, make note of their names and create a new allocation rule.

If you do not find allocation accounts, make some.

You can create system accounts as child accounts of accounts without any data. To make these accounts easier to find, create a new account like Allocations. Then create allocation accounts as its children.

Create Allocate-in and Allocate-out System Accounts

  1. Choose an account for your allocations parent account to roll up to, and select it.
  2. Select New Account beneath the account tree.
  3. Fill in the Account Details fields. Be sure to set Type to Expense.
    For more information on the Account Details fields, see Managing Accounts.
  4. Save.
  5. Select New System Account beneath the account tree.
  6. Fill in the Account Details fields, giving the new account a name that makes it easy to find, for example, IT Allocation-In.
    For more information on the Account Details fields, see Managing Accounts.
  7. Save.

If you expect to have numerous allocations, you may want to organize allocations in a hierarchy. To do this, create the parent account and then create other parent accounts under it. Set up the allocations accounts to roll up to the subor­dinate parent accounts.

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