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Add Currency Exchange Rates

Explains how to enter currency exchange rates

You can enter the currency exchange rates for all currency pairs and exchange rate types configured in your instance. You can add new currencies and exchange rate types on the Currencies page.

To import currency exchange rates, go to Integration > Import Data.

Before You Begin

Required permission: Model Management Access > Currencies.

New to currencies? See Currencies Overview

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Modeling. Then, from Others menu, select Currencies.

Filter Exchange Rates

You can filter the exchange rates using the drop-downs:

For example, to display only exchange rates that convert from USD to INR, set these filters and click Filter:

  • USD

  • INR

  • All rate types

You can set the filter to show only a specified type of exchange rate:

  • From the Currency drop-down, choose All Currencies.
  • From the Exchange Rate Type drop-down, ch an exchange rate type from the Exchange Rate Type drop-down. Click Filter.

Unpublished Changes

For instances with Admin Publishing.

If your instance has unpublished structure changes and you have permission to view them, you can:

  • Click View current to display only published changes.
  • Click Make edits to view any unpublished changes and make additional changes.

If your instance has unpublished currency changes, a warning tells you that edits cannot be made on this page until changes are published.

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