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Validate Formulas

Shows how to validate formulas and track down formula errors.

Validate Formulas in a Version

When you add a formula and save your changes, the formula is validated for correct syntax, circular references, and so on. In addition to this formula-by-formula check, you can search for all formula errors in a particular version and view them on a single screen.

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Model Management > Accounts > Formula Validation.   

Clicking Formula Validation automatically checks the current working version and returns a page listing any formula errors. 

2. To refine your check, you can:

  • Select another Version from the drop down.
  • Set the maximum number of errors (Max Errors) to display. The range is from 1 to 500.
  • Exclude Reference Errors. Only displays cells that contain a formula with an error. Cells with valid formulas that reference another cell with an error are not included.
  1. Click Refresh to run the validation again. 

Validation Results

Validate results include the number of errors found and the number of computations performed until the maximum number of errors was reached. It also includes details about each error found. Refer to Validation Fields for details. 

Troubleshooting an Error

Find the cause of any error:

  1. Click the error message to open the Explore Cell. Formula errors appear in red
  2. Continue to drill down (by clicking the red error text) until you discover the root cause in the sheet where the formula error was entered. 
  3. Correct the formula.

Formula error.png

Validation Fields


  • Total Computations Required: The number of possible locations to be calculated in the model.

  • Total Computations Performed: The number of computations actually performed while generating the page, until the Max Errors value is reached.

  • Time Elapsed: The amount of time spent on the server to compute this information.

  • Errors found: The total number of locations with errors that were encountered. If this number differs from the number of errors displayed below, a tooltip explains the discrepancy (for example: This number includes 27 Rollup errors that were skipped).

  • Version Name: The version name in which the formulas have been validated.

Formula validation is only performed on the current working version. To change the current working version, select another Version from the drop down.

Error Details

  • Account Name: The name of the account in which the error appears, with a tooltip for the account code.

  • Level Name: The name of the level on which the error appears.

  • Date: The month in which the error appears.

  • Error Message: The error message, with a link to Explore Cell.

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