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Troubleshooting Formulas

Describes some common formula errors and provides some tips on how to troubleshoot formulas.

Common Formula Errors

  • Incorrect syntax. For example, to divide:
    • div(N,D) (correct syntax)
    • N/D (incorrect syntax)
  • Data privacy. The account must be public at all levels to reference another level. 
  • Invalid accounts. Make sure the account name you entered is spelled correctly. Use the Formula Assistant to prevent account syntax errors. 

Troubleshooting Tips

This section includes some troubleshooting tips for fixing formula errors. 

Issue: Cannot Edit Shared Formulas for a Version

If you have Administrator permission, but shared formulas are not editable for a version, navigate to Modeling > Versions and check the following:

  • Make sure Administrators have Full Access to the version.
  • Check to see if the version is locked (Locked version). You cannot edit shared formulas in a locked version.
  • Check to see if Locked leading months through is set for the version. Because shared formulas must work across time periods, having any month set in this feature locks the entire Shared Formulas page

Issue:  "Expected a literal numeric value" Error Appears

Typically, when you get this error, it's because the equal sign (=) is included in the formula. This sign is not required when you use the Formula Assistant. Remove the = sign and try again. 

Issue: Changes to Shared Formulas Don't Appear in All Locations

If you update a shared formula, check to see if a user has overridden the shared formula on a sheet.  When you update the formula, you have the option to Remove user edits  as part of the update. 

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