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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Import and Export Shared Formulas

Explains how to export and import shared formulas for bulk updates.

Shared formulas are calculations assigned to an account. They persist across selected levels and the entire time span of a version. Unlike other calculated data, shared formulas provide values that aren't locked in sheets. Because the value isn't locked, you can edit the formula in the sheet cell or enter different data.  

Export formulas to:

  • Review them all at once.
  • To make bulk updates: Edit them and add new ones. Then import.
  • To import to another instance if you have multi-instances.

Before You Begin

  • Required permission to export: Model Management Access > Model.
  • Additional required permission to import: Model Management Access > Structure Import
  • New to shared formulas? See Shared Formula Overview

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Formulas.

Export Shared Formulas

You have two options when you click the Export or print button: 

  • Formulas of the selected account (default): Get the formulas for all the levels of the selected account and version. 
  • Formulas of all accounts: Get the formulas for all accounts and levels in the entire selected version.

The formulas download into an Excel file. The User Edit column value includes preserve for any intersections with user edits. 

Download the Template

From the toolbar, click Import Shared Formulas. Click the Download Template link from the dialog box.


You update the version selected at the time of import. 

Best Practice: To make bulk updates or additions, export the shared formulas first. Then use the export to make updates. Imports that don't include existing shared formulas will delete them.

  1. Either export existing formulas or download a blank template.
  2. For the template:
    • In the Account column, enter account codes.
    • In the Level column, enter parent level names to import shared formulas to the (Only) level of that parent. To include child levels, list each child level with a formula. 
    • In the Formula column, enter the formula. To remove the formula, leave it blank or delete the entire row.
    • Leave the User Edits column blank or enter preserve to save user edits, even if you didn't change the formula. Enter remove to replace all existing data with the formula.
  3. Return to the Formulas screen and select the appropriate version.
  4. From the toolbar, click Import Shared Formulas and select the file.