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Create , Edit, or Delete Shared Formulas

Explains how to add shared formulas to accounts and levels and how to change the user edit setting.

Shared formulas are calculations assigned to an account. They persist across selected levels and the entire time span of a version. Unlike other calculated data, shared formulas provide values that aren't locked in sheets. Because the value isn't locked, you can edit the formula in the sheet cell or enter different data.  

When you add shared formulas, you add them to the selected account and version. You can add the same formula to many levels at once. For bulk edits to all the shared formulas in an entire version, see Export and Import Shared Formulas.



From the nav menu, click Formulas.

Create or Edit Shared Formulas 

When you add or update shared formulas, the formula replaces all data at the intersection. The User Edit settings can prevent changes to some of the data. 

  1. Select a version from the drop-down above the toolbar and an account from the drop-down in the toolbar. 

  2. From the level tab, select:

    • A single level.

    • Several levels to update or create one formula for many levels.

    • A parent level to update or create one formula for all the child levels. 

  3. Enter a formula in the Set Formula text box, or click the Formula Assistant link.

  4. For User Edits, choose:

  • Preserve: Saves any existing user edits. Replaces all formula calculations. Look for the Edit icon in the level tab to see if users have made edits at the intersection. User edits include entered data or entered formulas. See Shared Formula Overview for a description of the icons.

  • Remove: Replaces all existing data with the shared formula calculation. Existing data includes user edits.

Clear User Edits

If someone replaced the formula with another value or formula, you see the Edit icon in the level tab.

To clear user entered data:

  1. Select an account and version. 
  2. Select the expand icon to open the entire level hierarchy.  
  3. Select the checkboxes next to the levels with an icon in the Edit column.
  4. Click Remove User Edits from the toolbar.

The data reverts to the calculated value of the shared formula.

Delete a Shared Formula 

When you delete shared formulas, you don't receive a validation message. Clicking Delete immediately removes the formula and the data calculated by the formula. This affects all time spans at the level, account, and version selected. Any user edits are not deleted. 

  1. Select a version from the drop-down above the toolbar and an account from the drop-down in the toolbar. 

  2. If you also want to remove user edits at this intersection, clear them first. 

  3. Select a level or levels from the level list.

  4. From the toolbar, click Delete.

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