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Use Modeled Sheet Checkboxes with Formulas

Introduces a modeled sheet checkbox use case on a Personnel sheet for sales planning within Adaptive Insights for Sales. The example includes adding a checkbox as a modeled sheet data entry element so that you can click the checkbox to trigger a formula evaluation in the sheet.

Available only with sales planning.

Modeled sheets can contain a checkbox data entry element that displays as either a checkbox or a toggle switch. The benefit of using checkbox elements is that it saves data entry time for you and your team. It also prevents data entry errors. In sheets, you set the value in a cell with a single click instead of typing or making a selection from a drop-down menu.

The checkbox enters a boolean value. Checking the box or toggling to the on position enters a value of 1. Unchecking or toggling to the off position enters a value of 0. You can then access the checkbox in formulas to accomplish different goals, the most common goal being a simple one-click method of indicating something is on or off.

This walkthrough explains how to add a checkbox to a modeled sheet as a data entry column and access the checkbox state in a formula. It uses the Personnel sheet as an example to show turning on benefits with a checkbox click. 

Checkbox Example

Before You Begin

  • Required permission: Model Management Access > Model.
  • Make sure you are logged into your sales planning instance

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. In the Sheets menu, select User Assigned Sheets or Level Assigned Sheets to view the list of sheets in your model.

Basic Steps

To get a checkbox functioning in a sheet:

  1. Add the checkbox data entry column and a display column in the modeled sheet
  2. Create a formula in a calculated modeled account that evaluates the checkbox state

Add a Checkbox and Display Column

  1. Select the Edit link next to your modeled Personnel sheet.
  2. Select Columns and Levels.
  3. From the elements tab, expand the Data Entry Columns and drag Checkbox to the canvas. Checkbox is only available if you're logged into a sales planning instance.
  4. For the Name, enter Benefits, and for the Code, enter BenefitsSelector.
  5. Select the Back to Elements link in the left panel.
  6. Expand the Display Columns and drag Benefits to the canvas below the checkbox element you just created. This column will show a value if the checkbox is checked.
  7. Save reportViewerSave.png.

Model Sheet Checkbox Columns

Create a Modeled Calculated Account to Evaluate the Checkbox

  1. Use the breadcrumbs to return to the Summary of the Personnel sheet.
  2. Select  Modeled Accounts.
  3. Select Create new calculated account from the toolbar.
  4. For the name, enter Benefits. For Displays As, choose Currency.

  5. For Formula, enter  ROW.Salary * ROW.BenefitsSelector. In this formula, BenefitsSelector references the data entry column code for the checkbox to evaluate it as checked (1) or unchecked (0).
  6. Save. Remember that modeled sheet accounts use the name of the sheet in their account code.

Modeled Calculated Account Formula

With the checkbox element in place and the calculated account formula referencing it, the display column will show the formula result when the checkbox is checked. Notice all of the unchecked rows show a value of 0. One row does show the checkbox checked but a benefits amount of 0 because this individual's last day was October 1, 2004. 

Modeled Sheet Example With Checkboxes and Display Column

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