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Assign Levels or Users to Sheets

Explains how to assign levels and users to cube and modeled sheets.
  • With level-assigned sheets, you assign levels to the sheet. Users who own the levels assigned to these sheets find these sheets from nav menu > Sheets
  • With user-assigned sheets, you assign users to the sheet. Users assigned to a sheet find the sheet from nav menu > Assumptions

For instructions on how to assign users or levels to standard sheets, see Build Standard Sheets and Edit Standard Sheets 

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Modeling. Click User Assigned Sheets or Level Assigned Sheets from the Sheets menu. Click Edit next to the sheet name to view the Sheet Summary links. If you're building a new sheet, use the breadcrumbs to select the Sheet Summary link.

Assign Sheets to Levels 

Modeled Sheets

For level-assigned sheet, this step assigns the levels to the sheet, which controls access to the sheets and the sheet's data.  For user-assigned sheet, this step adds the relevant levels to the sheet for data entry at each level. Users assigned to user-assigned sheets can see and edit all the data at all the levels on the sheet.

  1. From the sheet summary, select Columns and Levels. See Add or Edit Modeled Sheet Columns to get familiar with the interface and types of columns.
  2. From the canvas, select the Level row. When you build modeled sheets from scratch, Level is the only row in the canvas.
  3. In the settings:
    • If you want the sheet to display a different label for the level column, change the name in the Name field.
    • If you are going to import data into the sheet, make the column read-only to prevent users from changing the levels.
  4. Select the checkboxes next to the levels you want to add to the sheet. 
  5. Click Save from the canvas toolbar. 

Cube Sheets

For level-assigned sheets, this step assigns the sheet to levels. Only owners of the levels you add can view the sheet. If this is a user-assigned sheet, this step adds the levels to the sheet for data entry and data review.

  1. From the sheet summary, select Dimensions, Attributes, and Levels
  2. From the canvas, select the Organization row.
  3. From the level properties, check or uncheck the levels to add or remove.
  4. Expand the levels as adding a parent level doesn't automatically add its descendants. Removing a parent level automatically removes the descendant levels. 
  5. From the canvas toolbar, click Save

Assign Sheets to Users  

Modeled and Cube Sheets

Users assigned to sheets can edit all the data and dimensions, regardless of their level ownership. See Assign Level Owners for more information.

  1. From the sheet summary, click Accessibility. Or from the sheet list, click change from the Accessible By column.
  2. From the Available Users box, select users.
  3. Click the forward arrow to add them to the Selected Users box. 
  4. Save.

Modeled sheets only: To open the sheet, users require the Access Salary Detail permission if the salary detail sheet setting is active. See the Update Sheet Properties section in Build a Modeled Sheet from Scratch


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