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Edit or Delete a Dimension or Dimension Value

Explains how to edit or delete dimensions and dimension values.

Before You Begin

Required permission: Model Management Access > Model. 

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select either Level Attributes or Dimension Attributes. Or, select Account Attributes from the Accounts menu.


To edit an existing dimension or dimension value, select it in the dimension tree within Dimensions Administration and update its details in the detail area.  Save when done.


You can delete a dimension or a dimension value if it is not in use. If it is in use, a blue dot appears next to its name. To delete a dimension value, you must first remove it from use everywhere. As part of this, the administrator should determine which sheets and versions are using the dimension, locate the data tagged with this particular dimension, then de-select this dimension value on all data. 

Select a dimension value and select View Dependencies in the details panel to see where a dimension value is referenced. 

When you delete a parent dimension value, you are deleting all values that roll up to that value as well. 

  1. Select the dimension or dimension value you want to delete.

  2. Delete.

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